Life Skills Approach

Supporting clients with after-treatment plans is a very important part of recovery. AVEnues utilizes Academics, Volunteering, and Employment to successfully transition out of treatment by supporting you with direction, goals, and a road map for your future. AVEnues is available to you in our partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs.

You will be assigned a dedicated counselor, and are given the opportunity to prioritize your personal interests in academics, volunteering and employment. Not every avenue will be appropriate for you. Factors including existing skills, past education, career goals, and causes close to your heart are all taken into consideration. A counselor will work with you, individually to guide you towards the path that will be most beneficial to your overall success.

Life Skills Approach


  • Reconnect with past educational goals
  • High School diploma or GED assistance
  • College course selection, campus tours,
    and credit transfer services
  • Vocational or Certification program selection


  • Aligns volunteer opportunities with client’s passions
  • Gives back to the community
  • Helps build self-esteem and learn life lessons


  • Help clients identify successful career paths
  • Resume and cover letter development workshops
  • Interview technique training
  • Structured job search outings