Residential Programs For Women

What Our Clients Say...

"For several years I have suffered from an eating disorder. One of the things I love about this treatment center is that it is a women only facility. I don't have to worry about what men think of me which is something I suffer through daily. I HIGHLY recommend this treatment center. I have never been surrounded by a more positive educated group of people than I have here. I truly owe my life to Sure Haven."Cass
"Going to rehab here was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was nice that it was full of all women who were going through similar things. I felt as if I was in a bonded community of people who understood me. I chose to do the 60 day rehab program and I am so happy with the results. All of the therapists helped me work through my issues and now I am sober for the first time in my adult life. I am proud of what I accomplished."Yaz
"My life has had it's share of ups and downs. But Sure Haven has given me an up that I never dreamed of in a million years. Me, a small-town nobody, out here in California in this beautiful home, with this beautiful group of women who are each giving me bits and pieces of different lives, ways of living, and ways to heal. You cannot imagine the impact this is having on my life. You both have changed everything about my future, my present, and helped me deal with my past. There will never be a way for me to repay you, other than just giving back and helping others, just like you have given to me. So thank you again for everything, thank you from my heart for this wonderful family you have given me."Anonymous
"My daughter deserves so much credit for handling what was a very stressful back home from Sure Haven beautifully. I saw a different person this visit, even from when I saw her a few months ago! She was self-aware, courteous, thoughtful, and delightful in the time we had together. She was honest and open to the people who love her, what a gift!! Quite honestly, I was terrified that this would be a disaster, but the reality was so wonderful, so miraculous!! I am starting to see and know who my daughter really is, and I am so thrilled. I thank you for sticking by her and giving her the support she needed through thick and thin. A Feeling of Assurance"Hugs and kisses from a very happy and grateful mom