Treatment and Recovery Programs

All programs are licensed and certified by the State of California. At Sure Haven, we assign each client a specialized treatment team consisting of a psychiatrist, nurse, psychologist, primary therapist, case manager, spiritual care counselor, nutritionist, and admission counselor. This specialized team is responsible for working with each client to establish an individualized plan of care.
During our initial comprehensive assessment process, we often discover that women are facing problems other than addiction. Since every person walks a different path in life, Sure Haven is committed to providing you with an individualized treatment plan that addresses all your life skills problems. We’ll talk with you about the duration and extent of your substance use. Then the staff will work with you in conducting a psychological assessment to identify any co-existing mental health problems like depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, eating disorders, trauma, sex and love addiction, and personality disorders that lead to self-destructive behaviors and low self-esteem.
When it comes to your treatment and recovery, Sure Haven isn’t limited to strictly traditional approaches, although we strongly believe in the power of 12-step programs, group therapy and individual therapy. You may elect to include in your plan a renewed spirituality, dream interpretation, re-learning elements of interpersonal communication, recovery topic lectures and group activities. If trauma has been a major destructive influence in your life, you may benefit from Eye Movement Desensitization and Re-Processing (EMDR).
Sure Haven is a unique residential treatment center because we lead you through the phases of recovery beginning with our 90-day Residential Inpatient Program where our support and structure are highest, all the way to our Independent Living Program where you “own” most of your treatment and our support and structure are lower. Sure Haven supports you through every stage of recovery; other residential treatment facilities transfer you to different centers where you must continually meet new staff and peers. We’re right here with you during every phase of your recovery.
Substance Abuse/Substance Dependence
The regular, uncontrolled and harmful use of a mind-altering substance like alcohol, opiate painkillers or cocaine invariably leads to chaos in the lives of all those who fall into this trap; there are no exceptions. Substance abuse and dependence (addiction) can occur simultaneously or separately. For example, if your heavy, chronic use of a substance has caused you to experience serious legal, social, financial, occupational and educational problems (or all of these), and yet you keep on using, then you are abusing at least that substance and perhaps others. If, after sudden cessation of a substance (“cold turkey”), you experience extremely uncomfortable, and even dangerous, physical and/or emotional withdrawal symptoms, it’s safe to assume that you are addicted to one or more chemicals.
Your body has become dependent upon your use of that chemical. The number one reason why people return to using is the fear, or actual experience of, such withdrawal symptoms. Some substances, like alcohol, barbiturates (like Seconal), and “benzos” (benzodiazepines like Valium) have a potentially fatal physical withdrawal syndrome; you must never attempt self-detoxification from any substance. And at Sure Haven, you don’t have to. Your detox needs, if any, will be thoroughly evaluated and safely addressed.
“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”-President Franklin D. Roosevelt
Dual Diagnosis
One part of Sure Haven’s uniqueness is that we really do “get it.” No one wakes up one morning and purposefully decides to become an addict or to engage in self-destructive behavior. We get it that there is always an underlying cause of these things. While this does not in any way relieve you of the responsibility or consequences of your actions, we get it that it’s human nature for us to try anything to avoid pain. Pulitzer-prize winning author Toni Morrison put it this way: “You did what you knew how to do at the time. When you knew better, you did better.”
At Sure Haven, we’ll help you know better and do better. The underlying cause of the actions that brought you to us must be dealt with in order for your treatment to be successful and your recovery to be life-long. For women in particular, this dual-diagnosis approach to your holistic health is directly related to whether or not you will relapse back into your old, unhealthy ways of coping with problems.
Our approach to recovery works because it takes into account your entire life’s timeline. Your individualized rehab program with us is based upon the fact that unless you fully understand and address what happened in your life to bring you to this point now, it’s inevitable that the past will repeat itself. Nietzsche wrote that “He who does not remember the past is condemned to repeat it.” Sure Haven’s mission takes this a step further in dual diagnosis recovery: If you don’t deal with the past, it’s likely that you will repeat it.
Sure Haven recognizes the research-based success of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in trauma treatment. In fact, EMDR is being very effectively used today in America’s veterans’ hospitals with soldiers returning from the Middle East after catastrophic physical and/or psychological combat trauma.
As a form of therapy, EMDR uses eye movements and guided imagery to lessen the recurrence and severity of the way people re-experience trauma in the brain’s memory center. EMDR isn’t hypnosis and it isn’t “hocus pocus.” It’s been clinically proven to free people troubled by trauma from re-living the sights, sounds and feelings associated with it. If an underlying cause of your present-day problems is past trauma, EMDR can make a tremendous difference in helping you live your best life.
Eating Disorder
Eating Disorders are most often caused by low self-esteem issues that distort a persons self-image, leading to food restriction or binging and purging. This condition is usually accompanied by destructive behaviors such as self-induced vomiting, misuse of laxatives, diuretics or other medications, fasting, or excessive exercise.
We help our clients improve their self-image and self-love through affirmations, volunteer work, pet therapy, and nurturing them in a loving, supportive environment. Our approach is to love you until you can love yourself. This creates a safe, positive place to heal that is remarkably effective.
Sex Addiction
Sex Addiction is a condition that often accompanies the early stages of sobriety because they are seeking acceptanceand a distraction from the absence of drugs or alcohol. It can also stem from a lack of self-esteem and is used as a way to feel better about themselves.
We help our clients to develop a sense of purpose in their lives. They learn to take pride in who they are, which builds a stronger self-image. When a person accepts themselves as a person of worth, they are less likely to seek acceptance from other people through sexual contact.
Love Addiction
Love Addiction is similar to sex addiction with one important difference - it is the pursuit of relationships rather than the physical act of sex that is the driving force of the compulsion. It is a force that causes people to fiercely attach themselves to another person. This is a form of anti-love that seeks to receive rather than give. Restoring a vibrant, confident self-image is the key to breaking the shackles of Love Addiction. We help our clients realize that they have much to give, because they are exceptional and deserving of love.
Self Harm
Self-harm is a deliberate act of self-injury without having the intent to commit suicide. Among women, it occurs most often because of distorted views they have of the world, their place in it, and their interactions with the world as they understand it. In clinical terms these distorted views are usually the result of a personality disorder – another possible underlying cause of addiction. We understand your craving for internal serenity because we share that need with you. We’ll help you find healthy ways to find peace; you need not bleed to escape from intense anxiety. EMDR, individual and group therapies are very effective in eliminating self harm forever.
“Feeling this way is like always having a tornado raging inside me. Cutting myself put the pain where I could deal with it – on the outside instead of on the inside.”
Life Skills
Many skills of day-to-day living have been lost, or are underdeveloped, for women whose lives have been centered around going from one “high” to the next. Addiction is an equal-opportunity destroyer; it can strike you down regardless of your age, education, race or income. Tasks that other women take for granted must sometimes be learned, or re-learned, by a woman in recovery and this is no shame or poor reflection upon your character.
Sure Haven’s life skill-oriented therapies aren’t about blaming, but about learning to make your way soberly in a modern world that you may believe has passed you by. Personal hygiene, laundry, meal planning and grocery shopping, cooking, housekeeping and managing money are only a few of what our staff and your peers can help you with. Once you leave our care, you will be fully prepared to remain proud of who you are and what you can do! Things, perhaps, that you never thought possible for you.
Making a new beginning can really be scary; we get that, too. It’s often difficult and embarrassing to ask for help about basic things like how to balance a meal. But this is Sure Haven, remember? Our staff and your peers have been there, done that. And we didn’t get the T-Shirt; we got the kind of life we’d dreamed of having! By removing the stress involved in learning new things, you can devote your stay with us to cloak yourself in the armor of sobriety and the ability to ask any stranger, “How do I…….?”
Academic and Career Counseling
After you emerge soberly from Sure Haven, you need never again have a door slammed in your face because you lack educational skills. Full recovery implies an ability to plan for a successful future. We’ll help you determine what academic and/or technological skills you must have to pursue the career of your choice. Our goal is to promote your financial independence and your sense of purpose in your life. You’ll discover what wonderful promise the world holds for you; we’re here to help you reach out for the gold ring! Sobriety, knowledge and self-worth are much more interesting than the smothering chains of addiction.
Family Involvement
You are an adult. You must make your own choices from now on. If, because of difficult interpersonal dynamics, you elect not to have family members and/or significant others participate in your treatment at Sure Haven, we are ethically and legally obligated to abide by your decision.
Think it over: Family and loved ones can be enormously helpful in maintaining your sobriety. It’s said that addiction is a “family disease” because it has a devastating effect on everyone it touches.
Our staff can help your family to help you by discussing with them the nature of addiction, its underlying causes, and the principles of relapse prevention. Unresolved family issues can find closure in the healing process. Working together, you and your family/significant others can close the door on the past and be a positive support system for each other, thus increasing the likelihood of your life-long recovery.
Relapse Prevention Strategies
It may seem odd that we’ll begin talking to you about relapse prevention almost as soon as you’ve unpacked your bags! We know that, in comparison with the many years of life that await you, your time with us is so very brief that we must never let an opportunity go by to talk with you about a behavior, thought or feeling that could cause you to relapse back into self-destructive actions. At Sure Haven, communication is everything and if it isn’t timely, it isn’t effective. If it isn’t now, it might just as well be never. We encourage this same kind of communication between you, your family members and significant others, too. Living in a sober world means expressing yourself in a timely and tactful manner; this is what our staff and your peers will model for you at every opportunity presented. Both treatment and relapse prevention counseling are vital for your long-range sobriety.
Behavior Modification Therapy (BMT)
This is one of the most universally recognized symbols in the world today. But do you know that, in additional to applying to recycling things like plastic, glass and metal, it also applies to the way our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors are interconnected? Decades of research leaves us certain that our basic core beliefs have deep, primal influences over our feelings which, in turn, affect our behaviors.
At Sure Haven we use these precepts of BMT to help you change your dysfunctional beliefs into positive emotions and behaviors. Rather than self-medicating pain with substances or destructive actions, you’ll learn to challenge and overcome your own distorted beliefs about yourself and your world. Thus, instead of seeing through a glass, darkly, you’ll once again appreciate the beautiful kaleidoscope of the colors of each new day! Taking full advantage of the interconnectedness of all things is a primary difference between Sure Haven and other residential treatment centers.
Licensed Detox
If a new client is still using or is experiencing withdrawal symptoms, she is first admitted into our licensed, medically supervised detoxification clinic. This is a vital first step that must be supervised by a doctor. Typically, the de-tox lasts between three to seven days, at which time the client then joins our community.
We’re certain that, regardless of what brought you to us, a nutritional lifestyle that’s unique to your needs is vital for the success of your treatment. Have you ever seen the famous sketch of a huge Dachshund holding a hot dog where the caption reads, “You are what you eat?” Sure Haven’s certified nutritionist and executive chef will coach you about how to plan, shop for, and prepare supportive meals that sustain your recovery from the inside out. Since you’ll “own” these skills for the rest of your life, you’ll know how to fuel your body to function correctly. Coupled with nutrition, you can regularly visit nearby fitness centers to improve your heart health and your body image. For nearly 4,000 years, yoga has helped people maintain a physical-emotional balance, develop an orderly thought process and increase the immune system. We’ll help you develop a healthy, disciplined mind and body.
Relationship Building Activities
Sure Haven clients are encouraged to participate in our group excursions to local museums, beaches, social events and recreational activities. These trips teach recovering women how to reconnect with the joy of drug-free social interaction. Many recovering women come from a background of anxiety, alienation, and a distrust of other women. Discovering the bond of female friendship can be a powerful source of fulfillment and mutual support for continued sobriety.
These reassuring, supportive relationships strengthen communication skills and build trust in one another. Reaching out to a new, valued friend can translate into forming healthy personal and professional relationships, which can become a powerful gateway to social re-integration.
Eastern Modalities
These ancient disciplines have become an integral component of our helping women achieve a successful and lasting recovery. They work synergistically to create balance and remove energetic and emotional blockages that are contributing to the addictive disorders. Our patients experience increased vitality and a renewed sense of peace. These modalities integrate seamlessly with all of the other therapies and counseling available at Sure Haven.
Reiki is the process of healing using the power of Universal Life Energy channeled through the hands of the practitioner. Reiki therapies are known to improve one's spiritual, physical, and emotional well being, and are particularly effective in treating drug and alcohol addiction, as well as emotional problems.
Massage increases awareness of the mind-body connection, strengthens the immune system, promotes trust and acceptance, increases circulation, promotes detoxification, and relieves physical and mental stress.
Mindfulness Training
Mindfulness Training is a form of secular meditation that can increase the ability to relax, enhance energy and enthusiasm for life, increase self-esteem and concentration, and improve the ability to cope with stress.