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Trauma Programs

Trauma & PTSD assessment and recovery services are at that core of what we do at Sure Haven. An incredibly high percentage of women addicted to drugs or alcohol have experienced trauma in some form or another, and some even suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
We look at the whole person and move beyond just treating addiction. Master's level clinicians will help you to learn coping skills for the trauma that often accompanies substance use. Together we'll delve into any underlying issues like depression, eating disorders, and anxiety and offer some of the most effective treatments available. In order for women to face their trauma head-on, they must be provided a safe environment where they are allowed to comfortably break down their issues before putting the pieces back together.
There are several different types of trauma that we treat in the recovery process, such as childhood or adult sexual trauma. Women who experienced sexual abuse as children may find themselves having difficulties later in life if that trauma was not thoroughly addressed before. Depression and anxiety disorders and eating disorders are other common problems for which women who have been sexually abused will seek help for.
Many women suffer from chronic depression and anxiety, which began during or shortly after periods of abuse. Some turn to the use of substances or food-related behaviors to cope with thoughts, feelings and memories that are distressful and persistent. If trauma-related symptoms occur for some time, women who consistently use unhealthy behaviors to cope are likely to also develop other disorders. Such women must eventually seek recovery from coexisting disorders and may find that trauma symptoms initially recur or increase until different coping skills are in place to return to a healthy lifestyle.